UK universities are stepping up their game when monitoring student satisfaction. Many of these universities hire specialists to provide support for students, supplementing the work of existing staff. A strong support system at university is key, and that goes beyond communication with professors, administrators, and peers.

Education costs are on the rise, and this has increased interest in the discussion surrounding student satisfaction.

Would you be interested in this type of position in the field of academia? This type of role is suitable for many types of people. Some would love to be lecturers or hold a position in research at the university, but their lives do not provide that type of flexibility. Are you familiar with the rules and procedures of a particular school? Perhaps you are finishing up your PhD. Essentially, you are tasked with discovering and understanding the needs of students and working with them in areas where they need extra support.

There are additional ways to find your way into this career field. Do you have a background in administration at a university? Recruitment personnel and anyone who has worked in admissions would be good for this type of role. Have you been a counsellor? Maybe it is time for a new challenge to jumpstart the next leg of your career.

Skills Required

If you are interested in applying for this type of position, there are three main skillsets that you need to know. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures for the university you are seeking employment with. You must be able to both relate and negotiate with university personnel and administration. You are going to be working in conjunction with quite a few university professionals while catering to the students.

Your background in administration comes into play, too, and you must be highly organized. You are going to be responsible for providing assistance to a rather large group of university students. You are likely going to have to keep records in multiple formats, and you will be dealing with some students in distress.

Ask yourself whether or not you would enjoy supporting students on a one-to-one basis. Your job is to provide the support they need to have the best university experience. The obstacles they face are quite challenging, and you have been there. You know how to help them deal with bureaucratic systems, and you want to be a helping hand and a sympathetic ear. Some students face traumatic problems, and these types of situations can test both your patience and your resolve. To find out more about what being a student support assistant role involves, search ‘student support assistant job description‘ online.

Final Thoughts

You want to help as many students as possible, yet you are providing one-on-one support, too. That can present the type of challenge that social workers face. Is there going to be enough of you to go around? One thing for sure, your job is not going to be boring. Is this the type of professional position that is calling your name? Think about all the students you could help as you teach them how to be successful working towards a passionate career.