1. Thank Your Staff

This past year has been difficult for pretty much everyone. The year has presented unique challenges that some have never faced. You’ve likely had to ask your staff to do things that they’ve never done before.

Many people have been furloughed and many have returned. The overall pressure on management having to figure out the complexities of the situation and the employees having to deal with not knowing what’s happening has been exhausting to everyone.

While a Zoom call may have been something companies used here and there, it’s now become an everyday situation. Whereas, many employees have been forced to work from home. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a quiet space they have to themselves. This can make working at home very difficult for many. Likewise, a lot of parents have had to keep their children at home with schools closed. This has put a lot of pressure on the staff.

These are only a few of the different reasons why a lot of employees have had a difficult year and they are deserving of some special appreciation from upper management.

2. Say Thank You

You need to make an effort to say thank you to all of your employees. While saying thank you during a video conference call can be one thing, saying it publically in front of all of the staff can be much appreciated and more powerful. Having the CEO publicly thank you and acknowledge your hard work can be extremely motivating for employees. Communicating your ‘thanks’ to the entire staff can boost the business’ productivity levels and maximise their motivation to continue pushing themselves. For venues in Shoreditch search Christmas party venues Shoreditch

3. Team Bonding Experience

There are plenty of different examples you can find online on how people have managed to bond throughout the entire pandemic. From having drinks online together and even taking online quizzes, these are only some of the ways people have managed to bond. However, nothing beats being in the same room with others. Being able to communicate with one another face to face after being forced into screen-only communication for so long can make a big difference.

4. Not Talking Shop

You will find that conference calls may be a great place to discuss a brand new project or even catch up with an existing one, having so many people on the same call can make casual conversation increasingly difficult. Humans thrive in social environments. They crave personal interactions with one another. By hosting a Christmas party, you can give everyone a chance to communicate and interact with one another without having to talk shop and worry about work.

5. Motivation

By hosting a Christmas party, you can enhance everyone’s motivation level. It can be a fantastic way of showing your entire team how valued they truly are. While the future is uncertain, hosting a Christmas party can give all of your upper management a good way to showcase the plans for the future during such an optimistic time of the year.

Best of all, a Christmas party doesn’t have to be too expensive. It can be as affordable as you need it to be. We offer a diverse range of affordable packages to host your next corporate Christmas party.

Some of the best tips to make it more affordable:

– Try to schedule your party to be hosted around mid-day. This way, you can take advantage of much more affordable rates.

– Have an informal gathering. You will find that having an informal gathering is just about always going to make it cheaper than a formal one.

A lot of companies have had difficulties over the past year. Put things in the rear-view mirror by thanking your staff for all of their hard work and consistency during these trying times.