House sold, keysStatistics have shown that even though we’re quickly approaching the first half of the year, roughly 28% of the homes listed on Rightmove are still there after all this time. And with that said, there’s another 8% that are indeed on the site for over an entire year. Within the year 2018, there were a whopping 26% in the number of properties which were previously listed as being on for more than six months; however, in 2017, the statistics showed that 27% remained on for that time.

While these numbers are still high, they have dropped drastically from being 40% within the year 2012. During 2012, there was quite the challenge when it came to securing buyers in a six-month period and roughly one in every five properties were unable to secure a buyer after an entire year. With those numbers, the property expert at Rightmove readily indicated that due to the failure of finding a buyer after months of continuous marketing, the demand for properties in that particular area had to be low. And this low was simply due to the conditions which plagued the market at the time.

In the same breath, it’s widely known that when some properties sell and the rest don’t its the classic case of a high price as well limited appeal to potential buyers. And if the sellers are just unlucky their issue could be both! So, don’t get too discouraged because if you have some additional funds in the bank, you can simply try to increase the overall appeal of your property.

And when we say appeal, we’re talking about going full out in a pocket friendly manner with the help of something like Inside Out – Your Space┬áto make every penny count. Whether it may be a refit of your bathroom or your kitchen, we very well know that these are two of the most important rooms when buyers come in for viewing. Or, the layout can be redone with an open plan setting or even an extension if there is enough space. However, you might not need to take such drastic steps and your home could simply need a fresh coat of paint, a garden makeover and of course don’t forget a good cleaning!

However, if your home has more than just some redecorating issues, then you may need to lower the price. Costly repairs such as a new roof, heating and wiring all fall into the category of costly repairs. So, before you go making any quick decisions, it’s better to let your agent quote a price to suit the issues. And, you’ll also be able to avoid any beat down in prices from potential buyers.

Eight Tips To Help Sell Your Home

1-Don’t Rush To Go Viral

If you’re soon to be selling, don’t kick up a fuss and get overly excited to post your listing online if everything is not yet in order. During the first two weeks, listings acquire roughly 70% of interest. So, don’t make the mistake of launching your ad campaign with fancy descriptions, or even pictures because you’ll lose out on quite the opportunity. In the history of some listings that have gone exceptionally well, they had a limit of just five pictures, a well thought out description and of course the floor plan.

2-Kerb Appeal

If you didn’t already know, anyone who views your home is either instantly impacted or turned off within the first few seconds. So, be sure to create a good impression by giving your property some great kerb appeal. Create a feeling of enchantment and don’t forget to give your buyers some space so they can explore.

3-Use All of Your Agents Tools To Fully Captivate Your Audience

If your agent has access to a professional photographer, be sure to make full use of the services and stand out. And, if you’re going to be keeping an eye on the crowd, don’t forget to sign up to Rightmove’s instant alert!

4-Remove the Excess Clutter

Potential buyers need to feel comfortable in order to picture themselves living at your home. So, remember to remove family pictures so they can create their own family picture in their minds.

5-Animals and Viewing Don’t Mix

If you’re an animal lover, keep the animal affair out of your home until viewings are over. And, don’t forget to put any litter boxes away.

6-Listen To Your Agent

Your agent has been in the field for a long time so be sure to listen to any advice given and take all into consideration while preparing.

7-Be Accommodating at Viewings

You should aim to be as accommodating as possible when it comes to viewings. So, go out and leave your agent to handle any open houses.


Make sure you do ample research and set your price to a competitive level. Remember, you are in control so strategise and set the price!