Teacher tutoring studentThere are dozens of reasons why parents hire tutors for their children. Whatever your reason for hiring one is, you need to find the best/right tutor for the money. Outlined below is a checklist of questions to ask yourself when looking to hire a tutor.

1. Why do I need to hire a tutor?

Identify the reasons your kid needs a tutor at that particular moment. He/she might be preparing for an exam, was absent from school for several days, or needs to boost a particular problem area. It’s by identifying the objective that you know what kind of a private tutor to look for.

2. How/where can I find the best tutor?

You don’t have to struggle when looking for a tutor. Ask friends and relatives for help finding one. You can also talk to the teachers to see if they too offer private tuition outside school. You can also hire a tutor through a tuition agency. You can find such agencies online and in local ads. The best thing with hiring through an agency is that you’ll find a well trained and vetted tutor fitting your needs. You might also opt for online tutoring as well.

3. What should I watch out for?

Although most private tutors are good-hearted and trained for the job, you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned. That said, check DBS records and references carefully and watch out for any red flags. Some agencies will charge an introductory fee even before they can refer a tutor. For this reason, only use regulated tutor agency sites and be sure to read the fine print before agreeing to the contract.

4. Does my child need a private tutor?

This should be the first question to ask yourself when thinking of hiring a tutor. Why do you think your kid needs a tutor in the first place? Children who have had a long-term health problem will require a tutor to keep them in the loop. If your family tends to travel a lot, the kid will need a tutor too. Some children will also need a tutor to be able to keep up with schoolwork, especially if the family went through a break-up. School-going children fortunate enough to become film stars should have a tutor to ensure they don’t fall behind in their education.

When And Why Should You Get a Private Tutor?

  1. Children at the age of 7 may need a tutor to help them with school assignments.
  2. At the age of 10 when your kid is preparing for entry exams.
  3. 11 plus tuition for Grammar schools exams which test non-verbal and verbal reasoning, English and Maths.
  4. Age 6 to boost basic English and maths competencies ahead of exams
  5. To assist in specific subjects such as Latin and algebra among other entrance subjects
  6. To tackle tricky GCSE topics
  7. To help boost grades after a weak performance
  8. Ensure A level grades match with UCAS offers
  9. After an unexpected incident such as a family breakup or illness
  10. If a specific learning difficulty is diagnosed.

Most schools will only test children over the age of five. The schools will, however, be keen to see how the kids interact with other children and adults, and whether they can concentrate, enjoy playing or prefer listening to stories. It doesn’t make sense to tutor children under five years, so avoid any tutors or agencies offering this service.

Some tutors will choose to offer non-verbal and verbal reasoning, which we believe is a little unnecessary. You can get test papers on these from our online bookshop, which your child can use for practice. If your child seems to struggle with these papers, consider having him/her assessed by a certified educational psychologist.

Some children may be forced to miss classes for prolonged periods due to illnesses and other factors. Seek help from the local authority’s home tuition service first before trying another agency should this happen. Check to see if the available tuition service can handle the specific needs of your child.