Turkey is a country filled with history, vibrant cities and fabulous natural beauty – in fact, it is the perfect destination for a family summer holiday. Not only is the culture fascinating – but the cuisine adds a healthy dollop of dining joy to the Turkish holiday experience where regional specialities such as Baklava and the kebabs (including some wonderful street food versions) will please any with either a sweet tooth or in the mood for something more savoury. Add to this the wonders of the many coastal resorts, sparkling warm Mediterranean waters and spas galore, and it is not difficult to realise why many find Turkey the perfect holiday destination.

There is, of course, the stunning scenery not only in the coastal areas, but also in the interior of the country, and a depth of culture that makes any trip a wonder. If you choose to spend your days on the golden sands absorbing the warm sun you will have an incredibly rewarding experience, but the country does have more to offer – a history that spans thousands of years. This is a place at the crossroads of civilisation where Byzantine churches stand cheek and jowl with ancient amphitheatres.

But it is not all ancient ruins and points of historical interest. The resorts available to the traveller to this antique land are among the most modern in the world. Here, sun seekers from across the globe explore the coves and secret places where the sea crashes against the rocks before adjourning to one of the fabulous local eateries. A cocktail starts off the evening, followed by a live band experience or dancing the night away at one of the many nightclubs. For those who want a more sedate experience, the beaches and quaint towns beckon with a wealth of experience to enjoy, making it possible to leave the stresses of modern life behind.

Experience the Turquoise Coast

For those who want to join other sun lovers, the joys of the Turquoise Coast must be experienced to be believed. Here visitors can find some of the most popular of Turkey’s cosmopolitan resorts. Well-known names such as Antalya, Marmaris, Kuşadası, Bodrum and the Paloma Orenda Resort, Turkey‘s most famous resorts, compete for the attention of tourists. For those who wish to avoid the crowds, there are numerous bed and breakfast establishments and well as budget-friendly or self-catering accommodation options.

This magical part of Turkey has it all. Sparkling clear waters, lush forests, world-class beaches and great cuisine. To get the most out of the sun visitors would be best advised to visit towards the end of May until the end of September when the high season comes to a close. The Turquoise Coast has something for everyone – from lovers to families who will revel in the warm rays of the sun and the very low rainfall. The waters of the Mediterranean are especially welcoming with temperatures that hover around the 30-degree mark, remaining above 20 degrees until the middle of November.

Immerse Yourself in Culture

A map of Turkish resorts will provide plenty of information on the myriad of cultural attractions in the country, including the fantastic Bodrum Castle, which was built in the 15th century. A highlight of that trip will be a gentle stroll in the Museum of Underwater Archeology – which, with its wrecks and numerous exhibits is well worth some hours of exploration.

No trip to explore the cultural attractions of Turkey would be complete without a visit to the capital city of Istanbul in the North of the country. While there, a visit to Hagia Sophia and the Basilica Cistern should be on the itinerary. For shoppers, an afternoon spent haggling at the Grand Bazaar will satisfy any retail cravings. Outside of the capital lie further marvels of history such as the now ruined city of Ephesus and the famous tea gardens of Konya.

Getting Back to Nature

The natural beauty of Turkey is the stuff of legends. The lagoon at Ölüdeniz – famously pictured on many tourists brochures and postcards is part of the charm of the country. A day on its golden-hued beaches and cooling in the jade waters provides memories that will last a lifetime. Arrive every to avoid the crowds and take in the natural splendour.

The travel to Antalya to view the magnificent Düden Waterfalls – where the crashing waters start the last part of their journey to the Mediterranean.

A Culinary Treat

Take some time to experience the varied cuisine of Turkey and emerge from the experience richer and more satisfied. The mezze rivals any in the Mediterranean and the lamb dishes are deeply flavourful. The Aubergine dip and the parties made from local cheeses have gained a global reputation for excellence. Finish off the experience with an ice cold Turkish beer or a delicious cocktail. Savouring the incredible depths of the flavour of the locally produced coffee – and for that matter, the tea – is part of the experience.