Heels and shapewear go hand in hand. At a certain point, heels can be considered a form of shapewear themselves. Shapewear supports and changes your core silhouette while heels bring out a strong posture and also form the basis of your figure. It is the reason wearing heels and shapewear go hand in hand. How can you wear heels and shapewear comfortably while also ensuring you project the figure you want?

Creating A Curvy Figure

You can combine heels and shapewear to make your curves more visible. It could be that you want to show more of your already existing curves or create curves where you feel your body is lacking. Wearing heels and combining them with shapewear is guaranteed to give you a magnificent look. You can choose core-focused shapewear because it lifts at the behind and compresses the waistline. If you already have a curvy figure, this look makes it much better when you combine it with higher slim heels. If you are looking to achieve shoulder to hip hourglass shape with precision, a corselette or bodysuit is a great choice. Pairing this look with stiletto heels reflects your curves along your leg line.  If you live in the UK then search plus size shapewear UK.

Lengthened Lines

Heels aim to make your silhouette line longer. It does not matter whether the heels are platform or kitten, they are all created for this purpose. Heels make your legs seem longer, which is an impact that is noticeable when creating certain looks. Combining your heels with a shaping slip or shaping shorts is a good way to give you a look of longer legs. Shapewear meant for the hips and thighs compresses these areas and makes your legs seem longer.

Balancing Your Body

For many body shapes, balancing the proportions of the body is what creates a streamlined silhouette. For instance, people with triangle shapes or pear shapes have to wear specific clothes to ensure they balance out the parts that have a bigger proportion. In the same way, shapewear can bring balance and tone to your body without changing your shape. If you want to achieve maximum control of the area around your waist and hips, control briefs that have low legs and high waists are the best. If you wish to highlight your waist and bring out your shoulders, a wide strapped bra is ideal. To bring balance to your body, try mules and slingback heels. These shoe styles do not have ankle straps that cut off your shape and break the silhouette line.

Staying Comfortable

Wearing both shapewear and heels is tied to staying comfortable. To look great, you have to start from within, which is why confidence plays a huge role. If you feel comfortable and look more natural, there are more chances that you will feel more confident. You need to ensure that your heels and shapewear feel comfortable all day long and not just for short periods.

To achieve this, you need to choose a size that fits you well. If you pick shapewear that is too small, you will feel constricted and may even experience pain. Garments that are not a good fit will dig into your shape and form bumps where you do not want any. Poor-fitting shapewear can quickly become a nightmare because it may move up and down your body or roll up or down when you are moving. The same goes for heels. They need to be a fitting size because if they are too large or too small they will create foot pain and back pain. They may also cause you to get a poor posture.

Any Dangers?

As long as you stick to fitting shapewear and only wear your highest compression shapewear for short periods, you will always look and feel great.