Youtube video on phoneIf you want to create the next viral video, there are some qualities that you should consider. These qualities will encourage people to share your video content on social media and their blogs, which is something the professionals at Ally & Mo Media are experts on. Of course, there are no specific equations that you can use to guarantee viral content, but the more of these qualities that you or your production agency use, the higher your chances of going viral.

Make a Spoof or Parody

When you play off something that people are already familiar with, you create an easy to recognise reference point making it easier for people to relate to your content. This quality is what made Al Yankovic famous. The humour of seeing something that you know in a new way is what increases the chances of going viral.

Incorporate Music

Stimulating senses,as well as sight, in your video will make it more entertaining and engaging. Either create your own music or use music covered by the Creative Common license. It is better not to use other music because YouTube have to remove the audio due to the record company’s copywrite.

Keep the Video Short

Something that you need to keep in mind when making viral content is the length of the video. Shorter videos are easier to consume and add to the appeal. Regardless of the amount of amazing footage you have, you need to cut it down to the absolute minimum. Most people will only have a few minutes to watch a video so make yours one that they will have time for.

Choose Up-tempo Music

Obviously music choice is very dependant on your subject matter. However, when you use music for the background of your video, up-tempo beats will grab viewers’ attention and increase excitement levels. Faster music generally performs better in videos than slower music.

Include Sharp and Quick Scenes

Every second of your video is a chance to keep or lose the attention of your viewer. If you are spending more than 15 seconds on one scene, your viewers are going to become bored. Quick scenes of 3 to 10 seconds will increase curiosity and the likelihood that the viewer will watch the entire video.

Be Funny to Other People

You need to avoid the ‘inside baseball’ when you want to be funny. You might believe that you are creating funny content, but would someone else thinks so? An inside joke is something that most people viewing the video are not going to understand. It is recommended that you test the video outside of your company before you publish it.

Do not Get Stuck on Quality

You don’t have to use an expensive, HD camera to create an amazing video. The video also doesn’t have to be edited by a pro. The value of the video comes from the ideas and content, not the gloss.

Be Larger Than Life

People enjoy watching crazy things that they would otherwise never see. This means that you should take risks and capture something remarkable. Create a crazy office scene, act silly and do some amazing and safe stunts. This is the creativity that was behind SNL’s rise to fame.

Shock in the First 5 Seconds

The first 5 seconds of your video is when you are going to hook the viewer. Avoid a long introduction where you set the stage for the rest of the video. Jump into your content and grab attention before they think about moving onto something else.

Remove as Much Corporate Material as Possible

This can often be hard when companies create content as part of a marketing strategy. You will be tempted to throw your logo everywhere and have calls to action, but this will make people think your video is a commercial. The best bet is to find a balance that is creative and subtle.