Bride and bridesmaids in dressesNobody selects shapewear with the intention of having to hitch up and fiddle with their clothes all night long. Whenever you leave your home feeling sparkly and slinky, the last thing that you expect is for the vision you have of a perfect silhouette to be completely dashed in less than an hour.

Yes, what we are discussing is the very real challenges that are posed by the rolldown (and to be really specific, the rollup also). From shaping shorts to shaping skirt, and panty girdle to the corset, you cannot escape the problem of the roll! Most people have experienced this issue in some form and it can really ruin your whole night or day. Shapewear is supposed to give you confidence, so follow these five useful tips to eliminate the rolldown permanently!

1. Make Wise Purchases

Your battle against slipping and rolling shapewear starts even before you select your item. An important part of this process is to shop with a reliable and high-quality supplier. If you are making purchases online, be sure their returns policy meets your needs. Especially if you are intending to purchase a few different sizes to try on.

Most importantly, however, make sure that you are honest with yourself. When shopping for shapewear, many shoppers have a tendency to size down thinking that it will be even more effective, but well fitted plus size corsets will work better than trying to squeeze into something too small. It is more likely for an undersized item to roll. Also, it will create unsightly bumps and also highlight all of the bumps that it creates. Making sure you are measured properly and then ordering the correct size item from the correct range will help to ensure a good fit, which will solve most problems before they occur.

2. Timing Is Key

Whether you wear your shaping foundation for a night out or during the day, most likely it will be the first thing that you put on after you take a shower. We recommend that you don’t rush things. There isn’t any point in jumping straight out of the shower and into your girdle since even a slight amount of dampness on your skin can create all kinds of rolling issues. It is important for your skin to be completely dry so that it secures your shapewear naturally.

3. Folding, Sticking, and Tucking

To achieve corset-style under bust tummy control, your bras can be used as an anti-roll tool. Layer your shapewear with other parts of your underwear so that your full ensemble will help to create an uninterrupted and fabulous silhouette.

Maybe you would like a little extra security. Or perhaps you are getting dressed up for a special event and it is making you anxious already before you even get started considering your outfit. Those times may mean you get a bit sticky. Another great time to have in your kit is dressing tape to ensure that your underwear does not roll. There is some shapewear that comes with a grip strip as well.

Use a fold of the bustline, waistband, or leg to secure your shapewear into place. We recommend that you think carefully before you choose this option since it can create bumps and lumps. Only do it if your outfit allows for it.

4. Anchorage

A tuck does not always cut it. If you are going to be moving around all day, some movement of your clothes comes with it, which can make the tucking redundant. To secure the shapewear into place, you can buy hooks that will attach control briefs and girdles to your bra. Or you can buy shapewear that actually hooks itself. A great solution is a control slip that come with straps. That will provide a huge wow factor to a little black dress that will not change no matter how long you are out on the dance floor!

5. Ideal Partners

Your journey with non-rolling shapewear will not be complete until you hone that special skill of pairing the right foundation garment with the outfit you are wearing. Strapless or straps, waistband or dress line, trouser or skirt, empire line or slinky, you need your undergarments to match. That is why you need to have a good stock of shapewear, ranging from corsets and control briefs to strapped shaping slips.