Reasons to Hire a Nanny

Choosing the best nanny doesn’t have to be stressful. For most families, finding a nanny is a much-preferred alternative to childminding services or nurseries since they offer a comprehensive childcare package. Apart from parents having stability, it provides children with stability and the added advantage of personalised care, all within the familiar surroundings of the household environment.

What Is the Nanny’s Role?

Nannies usually work on a live-in or daily arrangement, offering care for kids on a sole charge or shared basis, according to the contract terms to be formulated as part of the hiring procedure. And apart from the care offered, a nanny will carry out nursery duties which include cleaning and ironing for the kids, preparing home-cooked meals for the kids, keeping their play areas and bedrooms tidy, and will also ensure that common areas like the kitchen are always clean and tidy. As the title suggests, a Nanny Housekeeper will perform more, by incorporating housekeeping as part of their responsibility.

A live-in nanny may provide more flexibility by including earlier starts or doing their duties later into the evenings. It provides the additional choice to families who might need wrap-around care at moments when certain commitments such as demanding careers might make childcare arrangements rather difficult. Many live-in nannies have a flexible week to entail early or late working, as well as up to two nights every week of babysitting along with weekend care. You should always offer live-in nannies adequate accommodation, not letting them share with the kids and the accommodation needs to be available for the nanny to use during her off days and not just during the hours she’s on duty.

When it comes to a daily nanny, she will work certain hours on particular days every week, according to the employment contract that’s signed by both parties at the beginning of employment. Furthermore, any extra hours must be paid for as additional hours and both parties should agree to this. Search nanny salary calculator to see results.

What if you only need before or after school care?

Most families who need only several hours of childcare every day or might not need childcare during holidays, for example, might want to consider a nanny-share. This gives the nanny an advantage of working for a different family, making sure that you don’t incur a higher rate of maintaining her or even worse, risk losing her in case she gets a position providing more hours.

Hiring a nanny with her child is another common alternative to a nanny-share. A nanny who has her young one with her during the working hours will often be ready to work for a considerably lower rate or even fewer hours compared to a nanny with no dependents. The nanny will also benefit from the employment security in a job that enables her to maintain minimum childcare costs while providing your family with the benefit of having a nanny who doesn’t need a full-time position.

Finding a good nanny

For a long time, the procedure of finding and employing a nanny was always a long, drawn-out method, depending on the general competency of recruitment agencies to satisfy your needs, mostly with hefty fees attached. Because of the advancement of modern technology, thankfully, the internet has allowed direct communication between care providers and parents, doing away with the past barriers and replacing them with the benefit of having more access to choice.