With the peak holiday month’s right around the corner, you probably have started to plan for your summer diving adventures this year. No matter what stage you are currently are in your holiday planning process, we have tips to help ensure that your trip is a complete success!

First, what type of holiday do you want to plan? Is diving going to be just part of your overall vacation? Are you an experienced diver who wants to plan a dedicated diving break?


There are many holidays to celebrate including a honeymoon, wedding, or birthday. There is no better way to get your marriage off to a great start than to share an amazing diving experience. Moreover, summer is the best season to set off to Sabah to experience a spectacular honeymoon dive. You definitely don’t want anything to go wrong while celebrating – so make sure you do plenty of planning!

First Timer

If you want to try out diving for the very first time, make sure you consider the location and select the right course. A PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience is a course that is one day long and will introduce you to the world of diving. Alternatively, you can take the PADI Open Water Diver Course, which is a four-day course that provides you with a more structured learning situation. You can be on your way to becoming a certified PADI Open Water Diver when you take this course.

Family Holidays

In terms of diving experiences, it can feel limiting to travel as a family. When you are trying to keep everyone’s interests in balance it can feel like everyone is having to make compromises. So why not select a family diving course that provides you with shared experiences and memories.

Underwater Benefits

Diving is fantastic all year round in Sabah, however, the ideal conditions are from June through September. Sipadan diving brings you directly into the heart of one of the world most incredible marine environments. From there, reef habitats can be explored and you can get up close and personal with, rays, turtles, and sharks and rays!

While You Are Not Diving

One of the major reasons why Sabah is such an excellent location for diverse groups to visit is there is an abundance of things to do and see while you are not diving. This location offers everything, from adventurous wildlife treks into the national park’s rainforests to luxurious and relaxing island retreats.

Kinabatangan River Cruise

Ever wondered about the different types of animals living out in the wild? What you wouldn’t normally see in a wild animal reserve, this is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself into the local culture and wildlife. You should take the bull by the horns and book a cruise on the Kinabatangan River.

Preparing to Travel

After you have identified your perfect location and things you want to experience, you need to get your packing right. There is a very fine balance between over-packing and being prepared and we are here to help ensure you get it just right!

Organised Packing

Keep in mind; you don’t need to purchase all of the necessary gear before going on a diving trip. Especially if you are just getting started with diving, renting a kit is the perfect solution. Check the typical weather patterns (since short-range forecasts are often unreliable) and make sure you pack both wet and hot weather gear. If you are going to be taking your own diving kit, make a complete list to ensure you remember to take everything. If you have a limited baggage allowance, you can always rent additional items after you arrive.

How to Manage Jet Lag

If you are going to be travelling through multiple time zones to reach your diving destination, then you are going to have to manage jet lag to some extent. Some of the most important things to remember are to ‘bank’ sleep before your trip so you won’t be as tired on the other side, maximise your natural light exposure, and stay hydrated.

How to Plan Your Costs

Having a big financial price tag is the worst type of extra. Check to see what is excluded from your tour or package. It could be anything ranging from a resort accommodation booking to an open water dive tour to lunches. When booking a dive tour or course, forgetting about transfers can be easy to do. Check your dive and accommodation locations and make sure you have funds allocated for transportation as well.

Making Lasting Memories

Whether this is your fifteenth or first diving holiday, consider how you are going to be recording your experiences. Allocate funds for buying images either that are included with an experience or rent underwater photography equipment. Don’t underestimate how powerful underwater photography can be to record your diving experiences!