Social media platformsHere are some of the key trends that shape the communication between digital agencies and our business partners and clients. We believe in a better client-agency cooperation, so we make efforts to align our services with these trends.

1. Better Value For Money

There’s no wonder that digital marketing budgets are currently shrinking from one year to the next. The biggest challenge of agencies is to deliver better value for money while still making a profit in the process.

One way our agency does this is b finding creative ways to reuse each and every single piece of content we develop for our clients. For instance, whenever we create a video for a client case study, we try to use the same footage to produce multiple versions of it to use across a wide range of marketing channels. We make short and long versions of the same video, and we strive to do more with these assets, in order to generate more value for money.

2. Focus On People

The ‘people first’ trend is here to stay. This is why we try to drive our communication towards satisfying the needs of end consumers. All big Global and SME businesses focus on increasing the engagement among employees.

Furthermore, agencies must help their clients determine which of their content pieces require personalisation that may lead to increase engagement rates, and find creative ways to tackle various communication issues. As there’s still a need to create content that appeals to a broader audience, we develop multiple variants of the same content, with the purpose to cater to various target groups and audience segments.

3. In-House Digital Marketing

There’s no reason for digital agencies to perceive this trend as a threat. In fact, this is a great opportunity they can take advantage of. In-house marketing teams and agencies can cooperate and brainstorm ideas, thus managing to develop engaging campaigns and advertising materials.

Our agency focuses on developing long-term partnerships with in-house teams. We understand that some details can be handled in-house more efficiently and more cost effectively. This means that we can make more out of available budgets by developing better strategies and solutions.

4. Don’t Get Upset

There will always be business owners who prefer to do everything in-house for only a fraction of the cost. There will also be freelancers willing to handle all these tasks with no help from the outside. You should get over it. An agency will always deliver more value than a freelancer or an in-house marketer. Such things go beyond the simple desire of getting everything done for cheap. An external agency will always bring a fresh view and valuable insight resulting from team brainstorming and solid work experience.

5. What About Brexit?

Everybody and their dog can tell you what they think about Brexit. However, trying to predict what will happen on either short or long term is a difficult endeavour. The most important thing is to bring excellent ROI to clients by developing and implementing effective communication strategies and marketing campaigns. Thanks to the multiple tracking opportunities, you can measure the ROI of digital campaigns with good accuracy. If you’re not doing this already, start by identifying the most important metrics to track and set some reporting procedures. This is the only way you can speed up your progress and the healthy growth of your agency.

6. What About The Biggest Opportunity?

Social media content is still one of the major opportunities you should take advantage of. You may have already noticed that LinkedIn has shifted towards video content. All other platforms also keep on encouraging their users to produce and promote video content. You should follow the trend by investing in creative videos with the help of video production agency in Surrey to convert viewers into paying customers. Video content is here to stay, so ensure that you don’t waste this excellent opportunity to cater to the needs and wants of your core audience. Make sure you don’t waste it!